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UTUBE NEWS - 21 Dec 2006

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User-content sites are Time’s ‘Person of Year’Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Posted in MySpace

Time Warner Inc.’s Time magazine named user-generated Internet content sites such as YouTube Inc. and as its “Person of the Year,” reflecting the Web’s “digital democracy.”

Time’s Person of the Year 2006 is… You! Time’s 2005 Person of the Year was the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, his wife Melinda, and Irish rocker Bono for being good samaritans, while the 2004 choice was US President George W. Bush.

This year, you have been named Time magazine “Person of the Year” for the explosive growth and influence of user-generated internet content such as blogs, video-file sharing site YouTube and social network MySpace. is Rapidly Becoming The Online Video Community’s Favorite Alternative To YouTube

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 18, 2006 -- The online video community has turned to newcomer as a leading alternative to YouTube.

Talented filmmakers, musicians and artists are growing increasingly tired of giant corporate sites and are turning to smaller alternatives like is a totally independent site that focuses on promoting their artists who otherwise get lost on the bigger sites like YouTube and Google...... More on thi story ....... from


YouTube Stars Land TV Deal
September 27, 2006
Pete Cashmore

YouTube Stars Land TV Deal

In what’s becoming a familiar story, YouTube favorites Joe Bereta and Luke Barats (aka BaratsAndBereta) have signed a comedy deal with NBC. The six-figure contract will enable the pair to develop low-cost sitcoms and sketches. The 23 year-olds are students at Gonzaga University and won a film festival in their college town of Spokane, Washington last year - many of their YouTube clips have generated more than 1 million views. ...... More of this story from Mashable ....


Users Beware: Don't Upload That Video!

Do you like using video sites like YouTube? Better be careful: You might be violating copyright laws.

By Jennifer Bosavage

Aug 7, 2006 02:31 PM


Video sites are the cool tools du jour. You can see never-run commercials like the one from the 1960s in which Fred Flintstone hawks cigarettes, watch your favorite episodes of Seinfeld, or post your very own candidate for America's Funniest Home Video. However, sites such as Yahoo Video, Google Video, YouTube and Blip, while catering to consumer desire, may also be violating U.S. copyright laws -- particularly the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), say experts in the field. More from


Review: Five Top Personal Video Sites

Want to become the next viral video star? Looking for the latest underground video art? We review five of the top personal video sites.

By Michael Brandenburg
TechWeb -
Aug 7, 2006 01:51 PM

With the launch of YouTube in early 2005, video services on the Internet changed dramatically. Online videos have become a new social networking medium, offering humor, current events, and creative endeavors.......

Michael Brandenburg of Techweb - looks at the most popular video sites: AOL Uncut Video,, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and YouTube. Read more...

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